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About Us

Providing standard and quality care

Founded by a group of enthusiastic health care professionals with more than thirty (30) years of experience.
Global Heritage Consultancy Ltd is a health care provider who discovered that in recent times health care professionals cannot deliver adequate services required of them due to lack of qualified personnel in consequence Global Consultancy Agency LTD with its team of professionals strives at putting an end to this problem/addressing this issues.

Our Company Mission

To provide standard and quality care: we explore and carefully study every area of healthcare institutions and make sure all needs and services are covered.
To eliminate substandard care created by lack of adequate staffs: we take the stress off our clients by supplying staffs to them according to their needs on the basis of block booking and permanent or temporary placement. Our staffs are well trained and placed in various points of duties to match the needs of our client.

What We Do

  • We provide 24 hours of care and services for the Elderly, Palliative care (End of Life), People with Mental Health and Disability.

Share Your Cares. Inspire Others.

Join our movement to make the world a better place for our seniors.

We offer quality care and service.

Our service is reliable, professional and personal – and tailored to your needs, our experienced consultants operate with energy and enthusiasm to deliver our promises in a way that is clear, simple and effective. We believe in good communication and constantly seek to improve.
If you or your loved one is in need of caregiving services, we encourage you to reach out for a complimentary evaluation so we can customize an appropriate plan of care. Contact us for more information.